roof1 W2S3 [ru:f US ru:f, ruf] n
[: Old English; Origin: hrof]
1.) the structure that covers or forms the top of a building, vehicle, tent etc
They finally found the cat up on the roof.
roof of
We can probably strap the cases to the roof of her car.
slate/tiled/thatched etc roof
a flat roof
a pitched roof (=sloping roof)
red-roofed/metal-roofed etc
a wooden-roofed theatre
2.) the top of a passage under the ground
Suddenly, the whole tunnel roof caved in.
3.) a roof over your head
somewhere to live
I may not have a job, but at least I've got a roof over my head.
4.) go through the roof informal
a) also hit the roof
to suddenly become very angry
Put that back before Dad sees you and hits the roof!
b) if a price, cost etc goes through the roof, it increases to a very high level
5.) the roof of sb's mouth
the hard upper part of the inside of your mouth
6.) under the same roof/under one roof
in the same building or home
If we're going to live under the same roof , we need to get along.
Here you can buy food, clothes, and electrical goods all under one roof.
7.) under sb's roof
spoken in your home
As long as you live under my roof, you'll do as I say.
8.) the roof falls/caves in
informal especially AmE if the roof falls in or caves in, something bad suddenly happens to you when you do not expect it
raise the roof atraise1 (23), ↑sunroof
roof 2
roof2 v [T usually passive]
to put a roof on a building
be roofed with sth
a cottage roofed with the local slate
roof in/over [roof sth<=>in/over] phr v
to cover an open space by putting a roof over it
We're going to roof in the yard to make a garage.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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(of a house or of a building), (with a roof) / , , , , , / /

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